What You Should Know About A Child Custody Law

When it comes to hiring a lawyer for child custody you need to consider some things before. Research well so that you can make a wise decision. There are some things that you should know about child custody.

Legal custody involves the care, education, medical needs and religious beliefs. In many cases even when one parent or guardian has physical custody the legal custody on the child is set as joint. This can create problems when the parents did not element on good terms.

Joint custody is when both parents arrive and spend equal amounts of their time with their child. This works best when both parents live close together. It reduces the disruption in the child’s normal routine. If the parents live far apart and the child has to spend half a year with one and half a year with the other, this is disrupting for them. They should make new friends as well as attend new schools, get accustomed to being in another metropolis or town. This can be extremely difficult for the little one involved. You can consult with attorney for child custody & support, if you are facing such situation.

Sole custody shows that one parent has full custody on the child or children. Most judges give sole physical custody to one parent if the other parent has been found unfit. This may be because of alcoholism, a drug use problem, or child mistreatment; this type of custody is also granted if the other parent cannot supply a safe living condition to the child.