How To Help Heal A Stiff Neck

Most of us have had those mornings when we wake up and we are unable to turn our neck to one side or the other.  The pain can cause you to have headaches and can radiate into your shoulders and arms.  Stiff neck symptoms can last anywhere between a few days or a week and can inhibit the ability of your neck to turn sideways or backwards.  There are many reasons you may have a stiff neck such as; inappropriate sleeping position, poor posture, muscle strain, holding the neck in an abnormal position for long periods of time, or excessive stress. 

If you suffer from a stiff neck you can try self-massage and stretching at home to help relieve the pain.  First locate the sore spot, use the correlating hand to help work out the pain, for example if the pain is on your right side then use your right hand.  Using firm pressure, use your fingers to press into the area that is sore.  If you cannot reach the area you can always use a tennis ball while lying on the floor or pressed against a wall.  While holding the pressure turn your head slowly in the opposite direction of the cramp and bend it diagonally.  Your chin should go in the direction of your arm pit.   Hold for 10-15 seconds and slowly bring your head back up and release pressure.  Do this 15-20 times and it should help to relieve the cramping.

If you continue to have neck pain I would recommend seeing your local San Deigo Chiropractor and getting an evaluation.  Most San Diego Chiropractors are finding that now more than ever people are suffering from neck pain due to using smartphones, computers and tablets.  Getting adjusted regularly can help to keep the neck in proper alignment and reduce neck pain.   Many chiropractors also sell pillows that are designed to help protect the neck at night when you are sleeping.