Types of LED Flashlights

Nowadays flashlights can be found in several different types, each serving an intention of its own. These devices have in fact become a vital part of daily life that everyone should own a minimum of one of them. With the development of science and technology, you will discover an innumerable selection of flashlights out there today.

Tube flashlights – These flashlights were the first to be introduced. They are cylindrical fit and healthy and the traditional ones used incandescent bulbs to provide light. Nowadays there are many flashlights that use LEDs as the light source.

Pocket flashlights – They're smaller in size and might be easily carried around in your pocket or be attached with key chains. They can be of different shapes as well as the small size makes them hassle-free and portable. They are quite inexpensive too. People can also look up for such flashlights via various online sites such as http://www.havensightmall.com/tactical-led-flashlights/ and many more.

Dive flashlights – Since the name suggests, these are underwater flashlights made for divers. Dive flashlights help to view better underwater and hence are a vital tool for scuba divers, relief divers or deep sea divers. These lights are usually created from metal or hard plastic and therefore are waterproof.

Tactical flashlights – They're high power flashlights most widely used by the military, police and emergency services. They are also handy for self defense. The light given out by these flashlights is so powerful who's can temporarily blind an individual even during the daytime.