Get To Know the Digital Agency before Hiring Them

Although there can be as much as hundreds and thousands of agencies jostling with each other for your attention, claiming superior services, it is advised that you know certain things before you hire a particular digital agency malaysia (or in any other part of the world). See below for details. 



It’ll be available online. Just log on to the websites of several of these agencies and see what they have done for their clients. A good portfolio shows the capability of the agency and whether it will be able to do your work effectively or not.

Has It Done Similar Work Before?

 See whether this digital agency in Malaysia has done similar work before or not. A sound portfolio alone won’t do much, if the service provider hasn’t done anything related to your domain or requirements. It’s better to move on and look for better alternatives.

What are they offering?

It’s important to understand what this Digital agency in Malaysia is offering to you. It’s good to compare it with what others in the market are offering. See whether you are getting what you are looking for, or not?

Communicate your wish-list

 Don’t leave any room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Ensure that you communicate all your requirements to your selected agency-people so that the outcome is what you’ve desired and want to see on your site.


See, are they charging a fair price? If not, ask for it. Else, how would they know?

Everything should be on paper

Your contract should include all the essential things. Read it 3-4 times and correct it, if any important detail has been missed out. It helps you legally, if something goes wrong between your company and the agency during the course of work.