Knowing about Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are valuable stone whether it is on the jewelry or on the loose. For investment, the loose diamonds are a good choice. You could sell it to the jewelry crafters. They will love to buy your diamonds to make jewelry. Take time to further educate yourself about Diamonds by reading the latest diamond buyer reviews.

The value of the loose diamonds

When you are interesting to sell the loose diamond, it may be a very profitable business. You must be interesting to get more money from the loose diamond that you sell. You may need to know the five factors to determine the clarity grade of the loose diamond. They are:

  1. Size. The size is the inclusion relative to the size of the diamond. The impact of the two identically sized inclusions will make the different value of the loose diamond.
  2. Number. The number refers to how many inclusions are on the diamond. When a single crystal can reflect multiple times, it becomes the numbers which are referred to the location of the inclusions.
  3. Position. The position of the loose diamond can play an important role on the diamond clarity. When other factors are equal, it means the inclusions must under the table and it will impact the clarity grade more than inclusions under the crown.
  4. Nature. Nature refers to the type of the inclusion. It means the crystals and feathers have a different impact on the diamonds. If it is a feather, it needs considering the size and location. It is because it will break the stone’s surface.
  5. Relief. The relief refers to the color of the inclusion, indirectly. It can cause the diamond to stand out in high relief against the background reflections of the diamond. When it is a near colorless diamond, a black crystal is easier to see than the white one. For more information about Diamonds, read some diamond buyer reviews