What is organic produce and why we should move towards it?

Organic produce in simple terms is nothing but, food and other ingredients that are naturally grown without the use of any artificial fertilisers, synthetics, pesticides, herbicides, etc. They do not contain anything that is genetically modified or harmful either to the people consuming it or to the environment as such.

The amount of research that is being conducted on this very subject is of mammoth scale. However, several arguments are being moderated by groups who do not want this industry to grow. It is a given that the nutritional value of food produced organically with conventional and natural methods are significantly high. That is the very reason why a lot of options are coming up in the market to match the growing demand and raise awareness.

Courtesy: kitchenplatter

Here are a few ways of procuring organic produce.

  1. Most of the supermarkets provide both organic and inorganic produce to meet the needs of all sections. This can be a great place to start.
  2. Exclusive organic health stores carry certified organic produce and one of the most reliable options out there.
  3. The Farmer’s markets and they have been selling natural, locally grown produce for some time now.
  4. There are a growing number of certified retailers selling online that are also catching up.

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Take some time out to read about the importance of Organic Food and we will all agree that we should certainly move towards it.