Benefits Of Having Metal Business Cards

Metal Business Cards are gaining popularity these days. Most business cards are available in shades of silver and gold. Metal cards are often created using aluminum, stainless steel or copper. Metal business card printing companies offer custom options from your basic needs. There's a very limited number of printing companies who specialize in metal cards. Also, many print brokers market metal business cards which are produced overseas. You can request samples via this link of various metal business cards from various card making companies.

Main factors that you should consider when purchasing metal cards are thickness, materials, price etc. Prices are becoming more competitive on a yearly basis, especially when purchasing from overseas or direct from the reseller. Custom options, including the chance to die cut frames and logos can be a huge bonus. Most metal cards happen to be produced with safe rounded corners and dull edges. No one wants their cards being potentially dangerous.

Some consumers may request a black, red or other colored background being printed on their metal charge cards. This creates a more traditional greeting card style while still maintaining the impressive appear and feel of real metal.

Die cuts are usually achieved with photochemical or laser etching. Amazing effects can be put together by die cutting logos, frames and image silhouettes. Engraving can create show-stopping textures and shading that contrasts the shiny metallic look & feels with the rest of your card.