How Do HCG Diet Plans Differ from Other Diets?

The hcg diet has gone on to become an extremely popular way of losing weight very quickly. There is, in fact, a recommended diet plan which is to be followed in order to get the requisite result. Just taking the hcg injections or consuming the hcg drops is not what helps you lose the weight. The hcg diet plan is a thoroughly thought out one which restricts calorie counts in your diet as much as possible. You may wonder here – how do hcg diet plans differ from others? The hcg diet, even though a diet, is starkly different from the usual diet followed for losing weight. This diet focuses on quick loss of weight and hence the diet plan is set accordingly.

The core point of difference between the hcg diet and a normal diet is the amount of calories that you are allowed to consume. In other diets, you usually restrict your daily calorie count to 2000 or less calories. This is what an average person, trying to maintain a healthy weight follows. But, in case of the hcg diet plan, the amount of calories allowed is 500 calories or less per day. This means that you are put on a striking different and low calorie count. As a result you lose quick weight.

Another answer to how do hcg diet plans differ from others is the difference in the time span for which the diets are to be followed. In case of usual dieting, you are supposed to carry that on for your whole life, so that your healthy weight is maintained. But in case of the extreme hcg diet it is not so. In fact, it is advised not to continue this diet beyond the given timeline. This diet is usually meant to be followed for 30-40 days, after which it needs to be stopped and normal diet is to be gradually resumed back again. This is important in order to maintain the proper balance of the body’s nutrient levels.

This is yet another facet of how do hcg diet plans differ from others. The entire hcg diet plan is divided into three phases. The first phase is where you just start taking the drops and for the first three days you are supposed to gorge on as much fatty foods as possible. Thereafter comes the next phase where you completely cut down your calories to about 500 calories per day. You can eat small servings of vegetables and proteins with absolutely no fat in the diet. This is accompanied by regular hcg drops. Then finally comes the last phase which is called the maintenance phase where you gradually start going back to normal yet controlled diet. Here, the course of hcg drops to be taken or injections to be received gets over. This is yet another area where it differs from usual dieting. In normal dieting you start cutting on calories and keep it steady throughout the dieting period.

But now you know that a diet plan is compulsory if you really plan to lose weight via the hcg diet and how do hcg diet plans differ from others. If this is the first time you are trying the hcg diet, then it will be necessary to prepare your body for this kind of diet. It is advisable to consult with your physician and decide on the dose of hcg that you need to take daily. Along with that remain detoxified by drinking large quantities of water. Since you cannot have too much of calories, it becomes necessary to fulfill the gap in nutrition with ample proteins. Proteins help you to maintain your body strength by supplying necessary nutrients to the muscles and others organs in the body. This is why protein rich food ranks high among food recommended to eat on the hcg diet plan. The hcg diet should also be filled with moderate portion of vegetables and fruits as they provide the required nutrients to the body. But make it a point to never have servings of various vegetables or fruits at one time.