Enjoy Double Wall Cups Experience

These cups are especially made to enhance brand value for your customers and to enjoy their coffee to the last drop. Premium coffee deserves to be served in the highest quality cups possible and this was the motivation behind the invention of double wall cups. It is the most preferred because of its great properties: high quality, beautiful appearance, insulation properties, and lastly its safety capabilities.

It protects the flavor, while making sure the coffee stays warm. Double wall cups sustain the flavored taste of freshly brewed coffee in each and every cup. The cups are never too hot to handle. As opposed to single wall cups that you cannot hold for long, double wall cups provide a pleasant warmth when you hold them. This enables the customers to hold them for longer periods of time. This is achieved by patent heat barrier technology, which keeps the drink warm inside with no harmful effect to the person holding it.

Highest quality materials used to make the cups allow for art technology. The cups are properly designed to suit customer’s preferences. This makes the customers to identify themselves with that type of brand. The material used to make double wall cups are fibers which are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.