Top Paneer Recipes for Rice

Paneer is one of the main food ingredient which is a part of popular Indian dishes. It is also known as cottage cheese. There are plenty of delicious paneer recipes which are perfect for Indian breads such as tandoori roti, kulcha, Naan etc. However, you can use these paneer recipes for rice too.

Some of the top paneer recipes for rice are the ones which you can commonly order in restaurants. Paneer butter masala, paneer palak masala, paneer tikka masala, shahi paneer are some of the popular paneer rices which taste perfectly well even with rice.

Paneer butter masala is the most popular of all paneer dishes. It is slightly sweet to taste. But, in some restaurants, they make this dish a little more spicy on request. However, in jain restaurants, they do not honor this request. Palak paneer is made using spinach. This is one of the healthiest paneer recipes for rice and very popular too. Paneer tikka masala is an extension of dry starter going with the name of paneer tikka. The preparation concept is the same but Paneer tikka masala is a gravy. If you like to have a sweet gravy along with rice, then you may want to go for Shahi paneer or paneer shahi kurma.