The Best Free Spy Apps For Android

Some of the uses of android devices include sending secret messages, makingcalls and tracking down people’slocation. These apps include cell tracker, childrentracker, ear spy and sneaky cam. The cell tracker is the one that is used to track someone for example a sales representative for your is used in such a way that if you give them a company’s phone, having a cell tracker on it can log their location including where and when they have been in every half an hour.

The children’s handy spionage tracker is used to track the whereabouts of your children. If the crime levels in your area have risen and children abduction is present, you should install the children’s tracker app to the phone and run it then hide the app and track the phone online. This will ensure your child’s safety and track their whereabouts.

The ear spy lets you seem to be listening to your music whereas it amplifies all the sounds that are around you through the microphone of your device. You should have your earphones in your ears and leave your smartphone uncovered so as to pick the conversations around you. The sneaky cam appears like you are working on something else on your camera. You should tap on nay part of the screen and start capturing the images