Quick Cleaning Lesson Of Copper Mugs

However, if you clean the Moscow Mule mugs immediately (and properly) and don’t pour hot beverages into them, copper mugs are 100% safe. You don’t get to misuse a copper mug and then say that it is dangerous. The problem is often the user not the tool. Click at https://classicmules.com/ to get more information about Copper Mugs.

As mentioned in other articles on this site, the recommended cleaning process for Copper Mugs is to clean them with warm water and a little soap immediately after using them. DO NOT let them sit overnight in the sink with remnants of last night’s Moscow Mule sitting in the bottom.



It only takes 2 minutes and will help preserve your Copper mugs in the long-term. If you want extra peace of mind, buy a copper mug that is lined with stainless steel. The stainless steel provides an extra level of protection to stop the copper leeching

Consider this final truth: the plumbing in any modern home or office is made of copper. The water you drink and bathe with travels through those copper pipes (unless you consume bottled water exclusively).

So you have been drinking out of copper for years. Now you can enjoy that Moscow Mule and not worry. Here’s a short science lesson: Copper is categorized as an oligodynamic material. In layman’s terms, this means that it’s capable of killing bacteria.