Kitchens and Marble Worktops – Today’s Current Trends

The latest design magazines show that there seems to be quite a retro feel happening in the kitchen cabinet design world right now with curves making a big come back – curve fronted drawer units, curved ends to islands and an endless choice of curved handles. If you want to know some features of marble worktops then you may visit at

To get worktops to fit on these new design of cabinets ordinary laminate can be difficult to manufacture to follow the lines of the curves but with granite being solid the worktops can be cut to match these quite easily and they will literally follow the contours of the kitchen.

To make a bold contemporary statement then choosing a strong colored kitchen door in say red, black will do the trick and they look fabulous with steel appliances. There are a few things to consider when choosing marble worktops to go with these modern/retro kitchens:

Kashmir White is a great choice if you are having really dark cabinets as it creates a fabulous contrast with the small dark reddish brown spots blending the look well, especially with burgundy tone kitchens and warm woods like cherry.

Light marbles will need to be resealed on a more regular basis as the spilt remains of say a curry could possibly stain them. If this is a worry then it could be a better choice to go with a mid tone granite such as steel grey, which will also compliment your stainless steel appliances.