Turning Apartments For Rent Into a Home

Apartments for rent often conjure up an image of a sterile room with no personality and a cold air about it. While they aren't always the most beautifully decorated homes in the world when you move into them, you don't have to live with them that way. With a few quick and easy tips, you will find a bland rental quickly turns into a home that is so comfortable you won't want to leave.

Add Life To Space

Adding something alive to an otherwise 'dead' space can do wonders. Plants are a great start, including African violets, tropical greenery, and ivy. If you aren't good with live plants, get some high-quality silk ones. If you are looking for the best apartments, you can visit battery park city rentals.


Small water fountains are a popular decor item in apartments for rent of almost any style. You can get small ones that sit on a shelf or table. Larger ones that hang on the wall may work as well, but be sure to check with the landlord.


Just like a cashmere sweater can make us feel warm and comfy, so too can other fabrics when they are added in and around the home. If you want to add color to the wall, add a tapestry or drape fabric along it.


Find a few of your favorite works of art and display them proudly. Sculptures, figurines, and even fancy bottles or vases can add a lot to apartments for rent of any style. To spice up clear jars, add rocks, marbles, seeds, or other items to them for more visual interest.