Fear of Flying and The Fear of Heights

If your phobia of heights keeps you from going where you need to go and doing what you need, then it is time to take actions! If you own a fear of flying and you also think that it is from your fear of heights, you may recognize these symptoms:

  • popular flushed feeling
  • heart beat speeds up
  • suddenly begin feeling scared
  • trembling

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These symptoms are like all those of many phobias. You may start to shake, sweat and cry/yell out for help. You might even feel as if you can't breathe. For a deeper knowledge on Acrophobia, fear of heights, you may navigate to http://myfearofheights.com/.

The fear of heights is also called acrophobia and it can prevent you from doing things you want. You may avoid flying at all with the fear of heights, but you should treat your anxiety, if you wish to view the world, visit family, or simply go on a good vacation.

Several different reasons can cause acrophobia. It could be from your youth, or perhaps from an anxiety you already have. People sometimes confuse acrophobia with vertigo, but they may be extremely different. Vertigo is a particular medical condition that causes someone to feel dizzy, while similar symptoms are just caused by the fear of heights.

The fanciful fear of falling could come true if a person is in a situation where they start to shake and may actually hurt themselves. That is the weird thing concerning this phobia… fearing it could actually cause harm. It is important to understand there are remedies for this phobia.