Techniques to remove bumper stickers

Vinyl Graphic Removal Removing bumper stickers can be a nasty job. Luckily, they're more easily removed in warm weather, so the next time you get out the hose and bucket to wash your car, try one of these few methods to remove those outdated decals.

Boiling water

Wet a cloth in boiling water and place on the sticker. Alternately, pour boiling water constantly over sticker. Soak for one minute or more. Begin peeling sticker at corner. Repeat as needed. If you still have no luck, move on to natural agents, below. You can browse to get ideas for removing graphics from your vehicles.

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Natural agents

In a spray bottle mix three parts water, two teaspoons rubbing alcohol and one part eucalyptus oil, alcohol solution or dish soap. Kindly spray the sticker. Soak for about 10 minutes. Eliminate as much of the sticker as possible, peeling back from a corner. If vital, reapply solution, soak and peel until entire sticker is detached.

Or, soak a cloth in vinegar and place it over the bumper sticker. Soak three to five minutes. Peel off the sticker from edges. Rub vinegar over the area to eliminate sticky deposit.

WD-40 or lighter fluid

Pour a bit of WD-40 or lighter fluid on a cloth. Rub on the edges of the sticker. Start to peel off a corner of the sticker with your fingers, a rubber spatula or an old credit card. Do not use a razor blade as it can scrape surfaces.