Bongs and the Accessories

There are plenty of accessories you can buy to give your bong a better functionality. In the event that

your bong has an ice catcher, which is an obstacle that keeps ice in the highest point of your chamber,

out of the water hurl a couple ice 3D squares in. A frosted bong hit is the best. Light the weed by holding

a lighter straightforwardly to the bowl, running the fire over the weed. While lighting, put your mouth

into the mouthpiece and tenderly suck, watching the fire. As you suck, the fire will maneuver into the

bowl and get a decent cherry of consuming weed going. Once the bowl is legitimately lit, you can set

your lighter down and stir the bowl as you see fit.

Buying Bongs and the Accessories

At the point when the measure of smoke in the bong achieves what you might want to breathe in, you

can quit sucking. Recover, and afterward open the bongs aviation route by pulling the bowl from the

stem or discharging the carb, and after that emphatically breathing in the smoke into your lungs. Once

you have bought a bong from Thick Ass Glass, you should be able to start enjoying the smoke

immediately, but be careful about getting too strong a hit. There is no disgrace in hacking. Each stoner

has had some terrible hacking fit related with playing out an immense bong tear.

Change the water in your bong regularly. The nature of the water in your bong straightforwardly

influences the taste and smoothness of your smoke. An excessive amount of water in your bong will

prompt sucking bong water up onto your face, and in the event that you are genuinely unfortunate, in

your mouth. This is an exceptionally disagreeable ordeal so take mind not to over fill your bong, and

watch out for water level inside your chambers. You can buy quality bongs and accessories from