Top Mobile Apps Development Platform

Here are some of the leading mobile apps development platforms that will enable you to establish a more dedicated mobile experience, including increased involvement and sales. Talk to an expert today to find out more about the Mobile Apps Development Platform.

Phone Gap

This award winning tool incorporates different development languages (like JavaScript and CSS) with the browser and is really capable of running apps on a number of operating systems, for example, Android, Symbian, iPhone, and BlackBerry. Among the most distinctive points of the tool is that it uses a native application wrapper that gets integrated with the browser.


This is a controversial mobile app platform, which boasts of being minded for non-developers. And that’s the reason it is presently among the most effective platforms for novices in mobile development. However, note that even though this tool is very easy to use, it fails to fulfill some requirements that are important for the newest features on hardware. It usually functions well with nearly all major operating systems – Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and others.


When Kony was first launched in the year 2007, it chiefly concentrated on consumer-facing programs, nevertheless, has since then added B2E competences, via organic growth. The platform is usually appropriate for jobs that need to use native features on a broad selection of mobile devices. The tool could be used to build apps once for mobile browsers, feature phones, tablets, smartphones and desktop browsers, then deploy to all them.


Using this mobile app platform, developers can easily create native programs that run on tablet computers, mobile phones, and desktops.