Effective Water Management Techniques to Enhance Productivity

For the better growth of plants in the greenhouse, they must be given adequate water for its survival as well as the growth. The water, air, and the sunlight are the main elements of a plant for their life process, called the photosynthesis.

The greenhouse is designed to cater all the requirements of the plants throughout the year without considering the climatic changes and natural weather.

The water pumps and the hoses have to procure by the owner for providing the water regularly to the plants in the greenhouse.

You can also know about greenhouse automation technology for water via http://www.climatecontrol.com/water-treatment/.The system can be run either in auto mode or in non-auto mode. The nutrient or fertilizers can also be reduced in the water to feed the plants.

Many of the farmers, who are doing the business of the products cultivated in a greenhouse, are using the automated watering system to keep the water feeding daily, without any fail.

Nowadays the companies have formed the complete water management system for greenhouses with purifier and monitoring the water, to be supplied to the greenhouse plants. The concept of a water management system consists of:

* Pumping and filtration system

* Acid injection system to adjust the pH value of the water

* Injecting fertilizer along with the water

* Flow velocity control system

* Water storage tanks

* Re-pressurization system

* Reverse osmosis plant for cleaning the water

* Emitter selection for drip and sprinkler systems

* Irrigation pre-heating

* Piping and Pipe sizing

* Copper Ionization

* Water sterilization

The greenhouse atmosphere can be preserved with least amount of attempts by using automated controls for the purpose of ventilation, humidity, artificial lighting, heat, and water management. You can now control the greenhouse environment from any computer.

Therefore, no need to waste more time towards the preservation of greenhouse. The overall concept of a greenhouse is to keep the warmth and humidity inside the greenhouse for the growth of the plant.

The greenhouse must be near to your house, where the water and light can provide simply from your house. The greenhouse owner should also manage the facility for drain and dispose of the undesired water.