Tips to make the battery life of smartphones better

Batteries are one of the most important parts of smartphones and hence it requires some special care to make it healthier. Keeping the battery healthy will let you use it for a prolonged time. We are sharing some of the easiest tips which will help you in this task. People are mainly considered about the battery life of their phones mainly for a single day. That is, once they fully charge their mobile phones in the morning and leave their home they want it to be remain charged until the time they reach back their home. But what about the overall lifespan of the battery? It is seen that users are least bothered about this. But by following the below tips, you can even enjoy the benefit in this section as well. You can have a look for best best power banks in india on gadgets9.

If your phone has a Li-Ion battery, make sure to charge it before it goes to zero charge level. This will help you to increase the lifespan of the battery. Try to keep your phone for charging at a situation when the remaining battery charge reaches 20 %. Also, note that constantly charging your phones for 100% will also affect the battery life. It is better if you can remove the charger once the phone reaches above 90% of charge. Even if the situation is like this, you can do a charging from 0% to 100% once in a month. This will help to recalibrate the smartphone batteries and will support your effort to care your battery properly.  

A lot of new generation phones comes with a feature called quick charging. This is a feature that can harm your battery a lot. So, try to avoid using this feature and don’t use it until it is necessary. It is also recommended to use the charger that comes with your phone only. This charger is specially designed for your phone and can help in increased battery life.