Pool Renovation: Key Aspects to Getting it Right

Pool Renovations Perth


A pool renovation offers a lot of advantages that both homeowners and commercial pool owners can benefit from. First off, it improves the aesthetic appeal of an existing swimming pool, which can directly invite more fun and enjoyment with every use of the pool. It also adds to your property’s existing value, so if you are thinking of reselling your home or encourage more shareholders or members to your aquatic centre, it will certainly do the job. In addition, a pool renovation improves the safety of your swimming pool.


As such, it is important that we do not waste these promised advantages on a poorly planned and executed project. Consider these guidelines.

Know your goal 

There are many reasons why a pool renovation may be ideal, and they are not limited to just enhancing aesthetic appeal. Whatever your reason may be, make sure that you do not lose sight of it during the process. In some instances, pool owners have gotten carried away by the demands of the project that they have ended up making calls that were not directly aligned to their original goal. This is not only an unnecessary waste of time and money, it may also give rise to issues you did not have to worry about before.


Establish what you wish to achieve from the pool renovation, and streamline the next steps in the project according to their fulfillment.

Plan the specifics 

Which specific components will need an overhaul? Will you need to secure a building permit? Are you sticking to the same materials or are you going to consider swapping some materials out? Should you make arrangements for your convenience, while the project is being carried out in your home? Or will you have to close up shop and what will that signify for your business goals? These and more questions are warranted during a pool renovation, and they should be answered well before giving the go-ahead for the project.

Hire a professional contractor

Finally, choose the best source of help that you can hire. A pool renovation is, in most cases, a costly project, and that investment should never be wasted on shoddy workmanship and terrible customer service. When selecting your contractor, don’t forget to:

Do your research

Your potential pool renovations experts should be thoroughly checked out to determine their competence, history, and track record. Read client testimonials, if they are available, or check out what people are saying on consumer awareness websites. If it is possible, ask for client referrals, too. 

Ask for a free on-site consultation. It is important that your contractor visits your home or commercial centre and sees the condition of your swimming pool before you start talking shop. This consultation will give you a personal look at how your contractors answers your questions, deals with your concerns, and provides helpful guidance.


If you are satisfied with those preliminary checks, get everything in writing. Sign your agreement with your contractor, ask for a copy, and make sure that your renovator keeps to the terms of the contract before, during, and after the project.