Dehydration Signs You Should Be Aware Of

Drinking water is important, however it becomes extremely important during the hot summer months.  When the sun is shinning and we are enjoying longer days of sun and outdoor activities we tend to drink liquids that are not always beneficial for our bodies. Although sodas and juices may taste good they can also lead our bodies to be even more dehydrated.  When it is hot outside we also tend to sweat more and we this happens we need to replenish the water we are loosing.
Here are some signs you should be aware of that may indicate you are dehydrated.  If you are experiencing low energy this may be a sign you are in need of hydration.  A well hydrated body should feel smooth on the outside and also feel full of energy.  When skin looks cracked or if your lips or eyes feel dry it is most likely you are dehydrated.  Whey you skin is dried out it can cause your pores to clog and can lead the skin to break out.  Dehydration not only affects the skin and energy levels but it can also affect your ability to focus.  Not supplying your body with enough water can cause the body to go on without the right amount of oxygen, this forces a reduced amount of water to the brain and causes temporary shrinkage pulling the brain away from the skull.  This may cause headaches, vision problems or migraines.
Dehydration can cause the body to react in many different ways, another way your body can be affected if you don't have enough water is seek to replace that lost intake by using another source.  Many times from the water in the sugary drinks that are lacking in nutrients.   It's so simple to just have a few glasses of water a day.  
If you drink water and continue to feel like you have low energy or headaches I would recommend calling your local San Diego Chiropractor.  Many  San Deigo Chiropractors can check the alignment of your spine and neck to ensure you have no misalignments which cause compression on the nerves which then cause headaches or low energy.  Your body is comprised of water and needs optimal hydration!  Get to drinking!