Install a Rear View or Backup Camera

With rear view mirror you may missing a lot what is behind your vehicle while reversing vehicle. It is the blind spot that you are unable to see in the rear view mirror and the best solution of this is rear view camera. It is very easy to install a backup or rear view camera but before investing in any camera you should spend some time to choose the best one available in the market.

Before buying you should check that your camera is automatically turns on when you pull the reverse gear as some cameras don’t have this feature. If you are choosing a wireless rear view camera then along with camera you will get a wireless LCD monitor that you can put on the dashboard. Some companies also provide installation manuals this is very important don’t lose it.

Wireless monitor comes with small holder and double side sticky tape to make installation easy. You can mount the screen on your dashboard with holders or can just place your screen with tapes. Mounting screen with dashboard is more stable.

If you have knowledge of vehicle’s fuse box then you can fix the 12 volt adapter in that easily. You can also take help from internet for installing it. The camera can be mounted with the rear license plate in holes with screws. Rear view camera is an amazing invention.