Solutions For Hard Water Problems In Your Home

If you have noticed that your dishes aren't getting as clean as you would like and your tap water has a mineral taste to it, you may need to install a water softener in your home.  To determine the best water softeners for your home, you not only want to know your household water consumption, but also how hard your water is.  While there are many testing kits on the market, that can give you a general idea to how hard your water is, for the best results you are going to want to have your water tested in a laboratory.  

If you compare the results you get with an in home testing kit, to all of the results you will get back from a laboratory water test, the difference is night and day.  Not only will a laboratory test be able to tell you exactly what minerals you have in your water, but also the concentration of each mineral in your water supply.  Beyond just testing for iron and similar minerals that are often found in household tap water, a laboratory test can also tell you about dangerous microbes or other contaminants that you may have in your water supply.  Once you have a better sense of your homes water quality, then you can take a trip to your local hardware store or search water softener suppliers online, to get an idea of which unit you will want to go with.  While you can read the various water softener reviews, you really should be focusing more on the size and capacity of the water softener units you are considering.  The fact of the matter is, most conventional water softeners are pretty much alike, sure some may have larger tanks or offer extended warranties on their units, but the overall design of water softeners has not changed in decades.