Why Simplistic Design is a Good Idea

An Overview of Important Factors to be Considered for Creating a Website with Simplistic Design

The primary goal of any web site is to provide users with the best viewing experience so that the conversions increase on the site, and site is able to retain visitors for a longer duration. Custom web design in Toronto firms can utilize the principle of Occam's Razor for this purpose and achieve desired results. Let us find out how this is possible.

What is Occam's Razor?

custom web design TOrontoThe principle of Occam's Razor is most often the simplest solution to a problem tends to be the best solution. Let us now go through details of how it can be useful in web site designing.

Use of Principle of Occam's Razor in Web Site Designing

To put Occam's Razor to practical use what custom web design need to do is reduce complexity (in the form of functionality) of websites they design. This way it will become easier for users to understand how the website functions, as well as utilize available features accurately. Focus should be on utilizing a simplistic approach without sacrificing needed functionality.

Simplistic Web Design and Its Value

Your site's design will be considered simple enough when users do not face any problems in locating different page elements, and there are limited numbers of navigational options that they need to choose from. 
Moreover, the design needs to have an uncluttered, clean interface so that it becomes easier for visitors to navigate the site.
To keep the design simple, your custom web design firm will have to ensure that:
• User interface is Intuitive and easy to use  
• Visitors are able to find required details with relative ease.
• Website does not provide too many choices for user to select from.
• User interface has been developed to specifically focus on targeted audience.

How to develop a simple website?

Some of the details which your custom web design needs to focus on are:

Simplistic Web Copy and Functionality

• Functionality: To improve design of your website it will be important to simplify its design so that users are able to easily get in touch with you when required. 
Similarly, if a shopping portal is being developed then there should be least number of actions to be performed to purchase something on the site.
• Web Copy: Web copy should be written so that everyone reading it is able to clearly understand the details. Clear and concise language should be the primary focus when developing content for the site.

Simplistic Coding

Similar to functionality and content, the code used for the site should be simple enough so that pages take less time to load and visitors get better viewing experience.

The Bottom Line

From above details it is quite clear that simplistic design is quite important to create a successful website and by following above tips you would be able to create a user-friendly as well as converting web site.