Top Ways To Do Your Wedding Makeup On A Budget

Wedding is one of the most important days in a girl’s life. She wants to look beautiful yet natural and save money for the honeymoon as well. Makeup is one thing that can change your look dramatically so you need to be careful about selecting your beautician.


Here are few ways that may help you save money on your wedding day makeup.

  • Ask a friend or neighbour to do your makeup, make sure she has sufficient knowledge and doesn’t turn you into a clown.
  • Use coupons and purchase makeup from them. If you have your own vanity then any of your friends might be able to assist you while you do your own makeup. Look up for ads and sales so that you can purchase makeup on a budget without spending too much.
  • Look for a cosmetology school that offers free makeovers. Certified makeup artists need to complete a number of makeovers before they are considered professionals. So, go to them and book an appointment for your big day.
  • Cosmetic counters offer makeovers when you make a purchase from them. Go before time on your wedding day and make a purchase of one of the products being used on your face, preferably a lipstick and win yourself a free makeover.
  • Organize a makeup party and invite all your friends. Ask them to bring their makeup along so that you can borrow the missing products for your wedding day and then return them.

Natural vegan makeup gives a bride the most beautiful and flawless look. It also protects the skin from damaging and gives a photo finish look.