Delayed injury symptoms after a car crash

The number of accidents is increasing day by day. A severe car crash in Sarasota FL can cause a lot of injuries to people even if they are not at fault. There may be a lot of issues which might show up in future. These are called delayed injury symptoms.

Below are some of the delayed injury symptoms that may appear after several days ofcaraccident:

  • Headaches are the most common that occur after a car accident. And sometimes the headache signals a serious problem that can either be a blood clot in the brain or injury to the neck or head.
  • Back pain is also a delayed injury symptom that appears after several days ofcaraccident. The main reasonsofback pain are damaged muscles, ligaments or nerves.
  • Whiplash is also a delayed symptom injury caused due tocaraccident. Mostly the reason of whiplash injury is when the car crashes at the speed of 14 miles per hour. This injury requires x-rays, CT scans or MRIs to properly diagnose it.
  • Numbness is also a delayed injurysymptomsthat appears after several days ofcaraccident. You will feel loss feel of arms and hands. This loss of feeling is causedtothe damage in the neck or spinal column.

Thus, it is essential for all of you who meet with an accident to seek immediate medical expertise.