MayMac Fight: Jimmy Burchfield Sr. comments on Mayweather vs McGregor

Wherever I go, people continuously ask me about the fight with the pound for pound greatest boxing of our time, Floyd Mayweather and his opponent the MMA’s “The Notorious” villain and no. 1 UFC Fighter Conor McGregor. Jimmy Burchfield Sr stated.

From the start of its long press conferences to the trade of insults between both sides, and the social media circus over past few weeks, no about it that Mayweather-McGregor will set records as one of the most anticipated boxing matches in a decade, and in history.

In the occasion for this fight, it feels good to see a boxing match between a professional boxer fighting a courageous and spectacle of mixed martial arts, which is dreamed by a lot of people.

As one of the only successful promotions for a fight between combat sports for both boxing and martial arts, we felt that it will be an awesome night for the people living on this planet. T-Mobile Arena will be the venue for the fight on August 26.

This is a one of kind event, nowhere else you can see it across the globe. Every fight fans must not miss the kind of opportunity.

CES Boxing and Foxwoods will celebrate their 25th anniversaries, it’s only fitting for them to collaborate for fans to give them an exclusive access that night of entertainment and boxing.

Foxwoods is your channel for a decade of combat sports, plus live, hard hitting action from the regions to prospects, including New London.

This is the place for August 26th. Twenty-five years in combat sports business in a big plan celebrating the 25th anniversary with the MayMac fight.

Tickets for this amazing night of professional boxing is rapidly moving, so we urge you to have your ticket today. Price range from

The whole world will undeniably watch the bout of boxing and MMA in the most talk event of the year. Join us to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight this coming August 26.