Canelo– You Cant Judge Everything On Sparring Sessions

Way back when Canelo Alvarez was still a young gun, he remembered his sparring session with Gennady Golovkin until came today’s time on their upcoming fight; the Canelo vs GGG mega fight on the 16th of September.

With that being said as well, his previous sessions with the middleweight champion, Golovkin has helped him a lot in his preparations for their upcoming fight; he learned a lot. It happened in Abel Sanchez’ gym is the owner and trainer as well of Golovkin.

During the conference call on Canelo, he reflected and mirrored in his mind the sparring sessions that they were both in. And plays very clearly how Canelo is going to respond when he will face Golovkin in the ring.

However, a sparring session is different from an actual fight in the ring and it will totally be a whole different story. It is not even comparable as well since it was a long time ago that it happened. There are a lot of changes on both sides and both will be prepared for it. Their sparring sessions are not a base as well to conclude on how everything will end.

Canelo Alvarez was 20 years old at that time and was young while Golovkin was at 28 years old. Golovkin has a professional record of 37-0 while Canelo is at 49-1-1, but, he indeed picked up a lot of things from Golovkin and there were some things that he was not able to catch up during those sessions.

Both fighters helped each other during those sessions and there were an exchange of ideas and know how. Canelo was an emerging champion in the junior middleweight division while Golovkin was in the middleweight class. It is unlikely at this time to compare everything that Canelo experienced. It is definitely a whole different experience, era and time.