Quick, Easy Ways To Protect Antique Dinnerware

Courtesy: Wikimedia

While priceless, antique dinnerware serves for many as a decoration, which is why many keep it in their possession. However, they can be quite delicate and must be maintained with skilled hands. To those who are unfamiliar with antique dinnerware, here are some tips on how to maintain and protect them.

1. Handling them

Always make sure your hands are stainless and dry when picking up antique dinnerware as they can easily be dirtied. If you chose to wear gloves, don’t wear cotton ones as that would give you less of a secure grip, adding to the risk of dropping them.

2. Their environment

Antiques made of clay or glass can easily be weakened or discolored in the presence of bright light, hot temperatures, and high humidity. That is why it’s best to keep your antique dinnerware in dry places that maintain room temperature. Also keep them away from windows where sunlight may fall upon them.

3. Presenting them

If you plan on using your antique dinnerware as decorations, make sure they rest upon a stable surface. They tend to be fragile and prone to breaking, so even the slightest of disturbances can leave a scratch or mark. You could place leather pads underneath them to prevent their bases from being harmed.

If you ever plan to buy antique dinnerware from, say, the hospitality supplies in Sydney, remember to keep these tips in mind in order to avoid breakage or damage. Antiques are priceless items that should be taken good care of.