Restoring Camping Equipment: Army Surplus Tents

After World War II, governments have been stockpiling lots of military equipment, almost all of which are military tents.

This is why the government occasionally sells on surplus military equipment. The two used and brand new tents are put up for sale or auction.

At times, third-party distributors will get them in bulks and sell them as camping equipment to the average consumer.

Perhaps the most commonly sought after product from these distributors are tents. After all, you may not go camping without a tent.

These surplus tents are often better choices than any commercial camping equipment sold in the market industry.

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For one thing, they were formerly built to suit the military, so you’re positive that these tents are not made of weak substance. These were designed to take on the roughest of weather conditions.

And since they’re on surplus, you generally get them at a cheaper price. That is good quality at a low price – the best deal any buyer could ever dream of.

However, only a few these outdoor tents are sold at an equivalent state of quality. Of course, most of the items that you will find in third-party shops are checked for compliance with government standards, but there are shops that sell older tents at a cheaper price.

Some tents could be about fifteen years old, but don’t be surprised if you find some that are around 60 years old. In case you intend to buy this kind of camping equipment, you will need to patch things up with a little recovery work.

Keep in mind that not all surplus or used camping equipment can be restored. Take a look at the product before you actually buy it. If you believe the parts are beyond restoration, then you may as well pass up on that one, no matter how cheap the bargain may be.