People, We’ve Got A Problem – Big Data

Presently, we're awash in Big Data, it is everywhere, entirely pervasive and quite honestly somewhat overbearing as governments and corporations collect all our individual measurements and vital data. Naturally, that's the least of the concerns with Big Data today. The most pressing problem I find is that we've got dumb humans misinterpreting the information, continually inventing false positives. For example, I've received targeted advertisements indicating sports service bras, what a waste of cash, as I'm a guy. Even if the targeted and goes after physically active and match people, in this instance, 50 percent+ of these advertisements miss their mark.

People, We've Got A Problem - Big Data

Huge Data Mining businesses give information to corporate leaders that 'assume' that the information means something and the bad choices with it. These poor decisions lead to reduced gains, and instead of fixing the errors, they re-look in the data together with understanding bias and then double back on their prior errors. In government, the exact same thing is done, frequently because of mistakes in causality conclusion, and then worse once we toss in a little information manipulation to serve their own political agenda – constantly pointing into the information to convince us that they're doing what is in the people's best interest.

If individuals can't do any better than that, maybe they need to quit collecting the information in the first place because Big Data is going to get much bigger with the Web of Things and the connected distribution chain all the way into the autonomous mill floor.