Caring for Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment. They offer a house with style, but help increase the resale value and save on electricity costs. If they're well made, whether they're plantation shutters or wood, they could last for years. This maintenance is straightforward, although proper care is vital. If you want more detail about plantation shutters you can lead here

Caring for Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a smart investment, but a significant one, so you need to keep them looking their best. An essential part of plantation shutters' care is keeping them clean. Otherwise, dirt and dust can build up and destroy the sheen. Regular cleaning and dusting are important to keep dust and dirt.

Cleaning Real Wood Plantation Shutters

How your shutters wash is determined by what they're made from. Real wood plantation shutters if nicely painted with a high-quality finish, are as easy to wash as faux wood shutters, but do not use water, which may damage or warp wood. Every month, spray on dust the walls, and a dust cloth with wood polish.

Cleaning Faux Plantation Shutters

Most plantation shutters are made of some form of vinyl. Once weekly, indoor vinyl shutters should be dusted. You may use the brush attachment. Tilt the slats up and lightly vacuum them. Turn them down and do the same. Do not forget bottoms and the tops of the dividers.

For cleaning, water and soap may be used on vinyl shutters. Some specialists recommend using water as it doesn't contain. In a skillet, combine warm water and mild dish soap or some other mild soap to make a sudsy cleaning solution (about one teaspoon with one quart of water).