A Word About Hazards In Occupational Health And Safety Standards Regarding Scaffolding

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However, use of scaffolding in Australia is regulated by Occupational Safety and Health Standards under Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This code of practice is written in extensible form and contains 8 major headings of contents and appendices. The fourth sub head talks about Hazards in using Scaffolding, enlisting 7 sections and precautions to be taken in this regard. These are :

Work Near Powerlines

It emphasizes on steps and care to be taken when scaffolds are installed near bare and insulated electrical lines and hidden electrical cable.

Mobile Plant and Traffic

It talks about mobile plant and vehicular hazards and means to prevent hazards from these such as rerouting motor vehicles and mobile plants away from scaffold, using barricades, buffer rails etc.

Mixing and Matching Scaffold Components

It tells us about risks associated with incompatible components of scaffolds, for example from different manufacturers. Such a situation may lead to decrease in load capacity of scaffold, increasing wear and increase in risk of injury.

Falls From Height

It gives us an idea of hazards relating to falling from heights. It tells us the need to identify hazards,assess the risk of death or injury and implementation of control measures to prevent or minimise the level or exposure of risk.

Falling Objects

Falling material and tools from height have significant hazardous consequences. It provides control measures with regard to same.

Scaffold Collapse

Control measures to be taken in assembling scaffold to prevent its collapse.

Hazardous Manual Tasks

Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice provides guidance on hazardous manual tasks. Design and administrative controls have been prescribed in this regard.