What are promotional Lanyards?

A lanyard is generally worn around the neck, waist, arm or wrist. When you wear a lanyard on your wrist it is known as wristlet. Lanyards are available in many different styles and have various uses. If people want to differentiate themselves from others can have a custom printed or personalised lanyard.

A promotional lanyard is of a wire, cloth or rope with a basic length designed to secure a small object. They are usually purchased in huge quantities and a comparatively inexpensive. Employees wear these lanyards around their neck to secure their identification badges while they are on their jobs. They are used to secure typically small items like key, work badge, eyeglasses, identification card, knife, cell phone, whistle, bottle opener or compass.

Promotional lanyards are of flat braid tubing and are made of nylon, polyester or cotton. This type of lanyard provides plenty of space for placing logos, symbols or slogans.


Printed promotional lanyards are generally imprinted with a name, logo, slogan or symbol. Students, employees, hospital staff members, military members commonly wear these lanyards. Company employees use them to display their identification when their on jobs.

Promotional lanyards are of great use at exhibitions or event as theyl impart good effect on the visitors and others and are excellent way that can promote the company brand without much effort. They are available in numerous size and colours and high quality. They are a good medium for advertising products. To attain these lanyards there are many suppliers capable of handling the bulk orders in short space on time.