Full Shot Screen Capture: A Professionally Designed Software

FullShot is a professionally designed screen capture tool meant for Windows users who want to take great screen shots with lesser efforts. The application is an ideal way of capturing images on the screen for different types of presentations like web pages, manuals etc.

Fullshot uses hotkeys and snapshot buttons to capture images on your screen. Users of this software can edit the images and can gloss them prior to printing them. It is a well-known capture tool which was introduced in 1991. Since then it has been used by the professionals for making presentations and for myriad purposes where screen capture is required. The latest version of fullshot software has the latest interface and a well-designed screen capture engine.

The Software Features:

FullShot is a great screen capture software and has a number of tools. FullShot gives you the ability to capture screen shots easily. Given here are certain features of FullShot:

  • Through Fullshot you cannot capture videos. It is used to take still shots only.
  • FullShot has dual toolbars. This makes editing and manipulating of image faster and easy.
  • Through Fullshot, you can add several effects to your screen shots.
  • You can add arrows, drop shadows etc.
  • Easy sharing of screen shots and images.
  • You can change the color of your text, rotate and flip images etc.


The Pros and Cons of this Program


FullShot is designed for professional use. It is easy to use and has several beneficial features.

  • Easy screen shot capture by making use of buttons on the title bar.
  • Minimize the sizes of files
  • Editing of multiple screen shots simultaneously is possible.
  • Has a good track record.


There are certain weak points which the users of this screen capture software complaint of. Some of them are:

  • It is a bit complex process to capture screen regions with accuracy.
  • The color depth of the screen shot cannot be set.
  • The standard edition of fullshot does not have adequate support for capturing buttons.
  • Interface is a bit complicated.


FullShot is available in three different categories which vary in prices. For standard Fullshot, you have to shell out $49.99. Professional fullshot costs you $79.99. There is a discount if you get 5 licenses.



FullShot screen capture is designed for the professionals. It uses the combination of screen shot buttons and right combination of keys to capture images and still shots with perfect ease. The two toolbars of this software make it easy to edit and manipulate the images. Both the toolbars have a vast range of editing and drawing functions. The dual tool bars of Fullshot let you to do myriad things like cropping, adding text, alter the color of the text, flip and rotate the images etc. The users can add special effects to the captured images. Adding of lines and arrows is also possible with Fullshot. Users can also share images and screen shots via email option. There are several beneficial features of Fullshot which give the best value of your money. You can get more audio video software reviews here.