A new wave of Keelboats

All you need to know about the latest spec.

The industry is undergoing the latest technologic upgrade in keelboat design for programs and international class racing.

Recent integration into sailing programs both in Australia and the United States have received positive feedback. Program directors from around the globe have been involved in feedback to help push new programs forward to take it to the next level. Intense and exhaustive work started on the new design in the past 18 months.

Its acknowledged that an upgrade to recent spinnakers would be difficult on recent inventions, but in-conjunction with inbound freight the new wave of development is upon us, this will be exciting for many keelboat clubs in league and competition, plus training. Whitsunday sailing has the latest spec boats available for hire.

Many companies are lined up to take on the new design once available with contracts to be finalised upon the final regatta showing of the coast of Croatia in late 2018 and final delivery to the United States and Australia at the end of the year.

The design of the boat is a collaboration of designers from around the globe and several leading keelboat programs, striving for ultimate performance.  However much of the design has been focused on low, but maximum value for money as the new models will look to be readily manufacturable and widely used around the globe.

The marketing strategy for the new designs is simple, to make it affordable to keep charter fees for clubs at current rates or investment from syndicates and smaller groups.

Sustainability is also essential with a significant portion of the research and design going in being eco-friendly, the hull being built in Southampton in the UK using recyclable materials, thus making it lightweight and easily transportable.

The industry awaits the testing and release later in the year as this could be the future of Sailing.