Should You Be Using Hot Or Cold Water When Cleaning Your Carpets?

When it's time to give your carpets a cleaning, you likely turn on the water and a question pops into your brain. That question is should I be using cold or warm water to clean with? Most will settle for luke warm water to be in the middle of the two. But, is that really the most effective water temperature for cleaning? Let's take a closer look below.

The answer really depends on the equipment that you're using to clean with. If you rented the do-it-yourself shampooing system, it may be intended for cold water only. You'll typoically see a cold water extraction sign on it. It's always a good idea to read through the instructions that come along with any sort of commercial equipment before you use it. 

Cold water does have it's advantages over hot water when it comes to cleaning up certain stains. If you're not using any specialized equipment other than a cotton rag or paper towel, there are certain stains you should use cold water on. These include blood, eggs, and milk. Basically, anything with protein in it comes out better with cold water than it does with hot water. Hot water should be used to help loosen up dirt and other types of stains. most stains should be cleaned with a carpet cleaning solution and hot water. Asking carpet cleaning State College experts which temperature water is best for the particular stain you have can ensure that you use the right temperature water and don't damage your carpet fibers.