Using Silica Gel To Dry And Preserve Flowers

You might wonder how you could dry flowers with silica gel. This is one of the methods that you could use to preserve flowers and extend their lives. You could start with a beautiful assortment of flowers and there's no limit to the type of flowers that you can dry. Once you are used to drying and preserving flowers, you could even use it as a work of art.

You can virtually create an art piece made from flowers which you are bound to be purchasing or receiving as a gift much too often. Talking about drying flowers with silica gel, it is important to give a brief description on what silica gel is. Silica gel is a porous sand that has blue crystals added to it.

What this does is, it wicks away the moisture from your flowers. The crystals do turn pink when they've absorbed too much water already so you know that you can reconstitute it by putting it in the oven and the instructions are in so that you can use their content. So it's a really cool sand and it could draw your flower depending on what it is from one day to seven days.

You can buy silica gel in about one and a half pound containers. You could buy it at a craft store and you need enough of it so you can submerge your flowers deep into it. See this link for further details on the various flower preservation techniques aimed at elongating their lifespan.