What do You understand by DevOps?

DevOps is a buzzword in recent times and plenty of organizations and people are using it regularly. There's not any single right answer for the query “What’s DevOps".

We could even consider it as a culture of a business where program lifecycle management is at the middle of consideration. But, DevOps consists of merging of 2 words:  Development and Operations.

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DevOps contains different sub-theories such as:

Constant Testing: Automated Testing or Unit testing to be precise. Junit or Selenium is employed for this sort of automatic testing and these programs are incorporated from the constant integration behavior by tools.

Constant Provisioning or Cloud Provisioning: Virtual cloud or machines case is highly accessible, flexible and pay-per-use. It's helpful to create various kinds of cases for different surroundings like development, testing, staging, and production.

Configuration Management: Configuration management is beneficial to produce a runtime environment prepared inconsistent fashion across all of the surroundings.

Constant shipping or Constant Deployment: Constant shipping or Constant Deployment is provisioned which used broadly in the day to day usage.

Continuous delivery may be utilized when bundle file is installation prepared into any surroundings whereas constant installation expression may be used when bundle document is creation setup prepared.