Everything About Thermal Grease

Thermal grease, aka thermal paste, is a substance that promotes heat transfer between the processor and the cooler. It has higher conductibility coefficient than the air and helps reduce the problem of processor getting overheated. It comes in a white tube that has the standard squeeze design.

Thermal grease comes in two different types: conductive and non-conductive. The conductive type of thermal grease is of superior quality and contains silver, copper, and aluminum that promise more efficiency in heat transmission.

What's The Use of Thermal Grease?

The use of thermal grease is indispensable. Generally, a cooler is used to remove the heat of the processors and each processor warrants smooth functioning with the specific type of cooler. If a wrongly dimensioned cooler is used, it causes overheating problems. You can visit megatechdistributor.com/parts-components/cpu-processor/thermal-paste to know more about arctic silver thermal paste.

And it promotes heat transfer between the processor and the cooler because of the air gaps formed by the imperfect physical contact between the processor and the cooler. This leads to overheating of the processor. This problem is solved by applying between them, thereby filling the tiny gaps of air.

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How to apply grease?

If the processor and/or cooler have thermal grease on them, the first step is to remove it. It is better to use a utility knife to remove the compound being careful enough not to over scratch the cooler base. Then, rub the base thoroughly using isopropyl alcohol so that the rest of the thermal compound is also wiped off. Next, apply a small drop on the base and spread it evenly using a plastic card. Finally, replace the heat sink.

Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided:

It is often seen that mistakes are made during the cooler installation and applying thermal. The most common mistake found is using too much grease.

Thermal grease is applied in excess spoils the correct heat dissipation and if it comes in contact with the exposed components like capacitors and resistors, it will result in short circuits.

Another common mistake found is the warranty seals stuck on the contact part between the heat sink and the processor. In such cases, the seal should be removed right away.