Pre-Employment Background Checks and Employee Drug Testing

In today's workplace, businesses are being subject to more and more laws as it relates to performing employment background checks and drug testing on their staff.

Many corporations have set up administrative standards, which prevent them from hiring people with unfavorable criminal histories, which include felony convictions. You can also search online to purchase drug testing products.

While most large businesses have policies in place to perform employment background checks and drug testing on their employees and vendors, most small and medium-size businesses do not.

Or if they do, they are not using better practice processes to identify the most accurate information available to inhibit them from making a negligent hiring decision, which could cost their company millions of dollars, hours of embarrassment and being subject to negative press.

By completely performing a comprehensive employment background check on a new employee or vendor, this practice will help diminish the risk of subjecting your business to irreparable damages from a vendor with a criminal record who could possibly harm your employees.

The last thing an employer desire is to retain a convicted felon who was convicted on a gun charge with a history of mental illness, only to wake up one day to hear that they brought their weapon to work and shot and killed fellow employees.

When implementing an employment background check and drug testing program, make sure to select a reputable vendor. It is very important to create screening standards that do not discriminate one individual from another within similar job classification.