A Vet By The Beach

Because we can never really predict where we might need it. We could be eating spaghetti at a birthday party for all we know and then our poets would suddenly have its own mini heart attack and suddenly we need a vet. As you do. The point is, we need a Huntington Beach Vet.

This is like a normal old human hospital situation. Where you need one at every corner just in case some poor schmuck choked on alone by the side of the road. We can never really predict when something might happen to us and the same thing goes for our lovely pets.

Like hell, we would let them suffer for too long, not when they cannot even speak our language to tell us what exactly is wrong with them. It that not sad? That we love them so much but we can barely understand each other.

How come they have to adapt and learn OUR language when we talk to them so they could understand us and our commands? Why can we not learn how to bark like a dog or mow like a cat? At least in a way that we know, they would understand. But that is life and we cannot really do anything about it.

At least we adapted in a way that let us learn how to take care of them when they are sick or hurt. At least in this way, we could actually do something when they need us. These vets are going to be their heroes and saviors so if you are an animal lover, then you better know to appreciate these people whose jobs are to burse our lovely companions back to health.

Without them, your dog would still be dying and dead already. You also would not have known what to avoid feeding them in order to prevent more situations like this from happening. And in any case, good for the vets, to choose this kind of job for them and be doctors to the little ones.

People might argue that is is such a waste of career because humans need doctors, not animals, but to them, we say screw you. They would not understand the feeling of love and being loved when you have your pet. It is not the same as when loving another human because humans betray and hurt you.

They are malicious and always have an agenda to them that will benefit them selfishly. Because that is what we all are as humans. Selfish. Even if you try not to be you are always going to be selfish. Pets can be like that too but at least they do not have any evil and malicious intentions against you that would only gain them some kind of advantage.

They are not capable of doing that or even thinking like that. All they have are basic instincts and primal coding. And we love and thank them for that. The world is already crap enough, we do not need any more dark minded creatures. Humans are bad enough as it is.