Fair Trade Clothing Is A Foundation

 They have to make things easier for us buyers and sellers at some point, right? That is essentially what they are trying to do all these years. They made this foundation to make sure that things will improve for people of this community and industry. We cannot just be complacent and remain stagnant after all. So this is why there is fair trade clothing.

Achieving better trading conditions is hard and this is why a lot of them are actually in this business. It takes more than just a couple of people to make something really big. Like how Rome came to be. It was not built in a day.

So they have these meetings and things they discuss over because they want to improve things for everyone. Is that not a noble cause already? They are probably having these meeting of improving things in these what you call Trading Rooms.

For some reason, whenever we think of meetings between all these important people in one expensive looking room, all we think is all the deception and lying that happens in the same situations. Is it because we have watched way too many movies at this point? Read too many books?

Because we swear we know that people with those kinds of big responsibilities and money are far from decent anymore. They probably already done a lot of things they should not just to get to where they are. And imagine a whole bunch of them in one sitting room, trying to come to an agreement about trading and such.

They know that they ought to lie and be pleasant to one another to get some partnership that could benefit them and their company. They know what needs to be done and they do it without even an ounce of hesitation, these big people are freaking terrifying.

And they are also amazing because they managed to get there all on their own or maybe through some cheating means and using other people as well. Is anyone really surprised? If you are capable enough to manipulate people into your bidding and then using them for your own purposes, then does that not count as being amazing?

Sure, it is highly an unpleasant thing to do and it makes you a douchebag, a literal piece of garbage to society that many would pay to burn in hell, but to achieve something like that? Not many people can do that. Probably because they are not so much of an unpleasant as that person is but the point is that anyone and everyone can be amazing even when they are being unpleasant about it.

Even though you can just as easily be amazing and be nice about it. But no, to most people, the simplest way is to do the douchebag route and of course, being pathetic humans we use the faster and easier way to get things we want. We just hope they do not do anything bad that would ruin the whole trading community. They are supposed to be in that for everyone, you know?