Frozen Meals – Can be High Quality

A new study found that frozen foods can be even more nutritious than supposedly fresh products in a supermarket.

Most fruits and vegetables in the freezer, peas, for example, are frozen very soon after harvest, thus preserving the level of vitamins and minerals.

However, the long delivery times of fresh food from the field to the store often result in a reduction in the level of beneficial compounds.

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In some cases, fresh fruits and vegetables have been stored in warehouses for months.

Prepared meal delivery services are becoming increasingly popular every day, and are aimed at people who do not have the time or

An aspiration to make all their meals from home. Several meal distribution websites want to elevate the level of catering by offering high quality prepared meals to your door. Whether ordered to celebrate a holiday or as a gift, the food offered is as good as that served in a good restaurant.

This is made possible by the rapid freezing of meals, which is a form of rapid freezing that minimizes damage and preserves high-quality foods.

Freezers are high-capacity fast freezers with an air temperature of -35 ° C. They allow quick freezing of dishes up to -18 ° C and guarantee a product of high quality and better taste.